South Yorkshire Dance Hub

DYDC rehearsal-65South Yorkshire Dance Hub with the support of Yorkshire Dance restructured in 2016 and submitted a successful bid to the Arts Council to develop a South Yorkshire Youth Dance Company.


South Yorkshire Dance Hub is a network group founded in 2012 and has a

voluntary membership comprising of venues, local authorities, arts

organisations, educational establishments and independent dance artists.

The hub was established by Yorkshire Dance (NPO) as a result of the Regional

Youth Dance Strategy 2012 – 2015 but revised its membership in 2016,

receiving a network grant from CAPE UK (now IVE).


In 2015 and 2017 the hub delivered ‘Crossing Borders’ – a youth dance platform

for South Yorkshire engaging over 300 young people in workshops and

performance. The hub has supported numerous youth dance projects such as

Rotherham Boys and the platform ‘Making Men’ and ‘Dance Whispers’ a

regional youth dance project in collaboration with Yorkshire Dance, Wayne

Sables Projects and the National Youth Dance Company at Sadler’s Wells.


Strategic hub members, Cast in Doncaster and Barnsley Civic (NPO’s) are

venues that share extensive experience of programming professional dance

and providing artist support whilst other partners such as DARTS and Wayne Sables Project, have expertise and track record of community development. Education partners such

as Hall Cross Academy, Wath Comprehensive School and Horizon College

bring a depth of knowledge in working with young people and have also

established their own youth dance programmes to support young people to

engage with dance in their schools.

Independent artists that support the hub such as Gary Clarke, Keira Martin,

Charlotte Armitage, Lucy Haighton and Tara Baker are regularly

supported through Grants for the Arts and contribute to an exciting dance

ecology in the region.