Being Silly by Shannon Bushby

For our first workshop we had a very talented women come in called Angelina Abel who taught us African dance. I didn’t think African dance was going to be as much hard work as it was but I really enjoyed it. I got to experience moves and rhythms I have never experienced before and enjoyed how much I could express myself and use my body to dance in different way. Being silly and making chanting noises was fun and helped us all to let go.

We learnt 2 routines which were actually quite different from each other. The first routine was more traditional African dance and had a celebration vibe about it. The second routine was fast and intense. Doing both routines taught me that the silliest moves and the noises we made for certain movements actually help release any tension and help express feelings. I would recommend African dance to anyone, its tiring but amazing. I loved this workshop!

– Shannon Bushby

African Dancing!

So we had Angelina Abel come in and teach us African dancing! Its hard work because it is quite fast and the moves are very un-expecting. However, it is a lot of fun because it is all about dancing and interacting with the people around you. The one thing that is strange, but cool is that there are no counts, instead you have to listen to the music and it will give you a que plus you can make silly noises.
On the day we learnt 2 routines, both were extremely tiring but fun. The first dance routine really made my arms ache. African dancing is so different from styles I have done before. Altogether the workshop was amazing and I would recommend African dancing to anyone!


Blog from Hannah

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Having just finished my first amazing residency with the company, I am feeling very excited about what’s to come. Finishing our first piece in three days as well as learning basic contemporary technique and getting to know the company was tough but, it has also taught me how professional companies work. Working with Gary Clarke has been a real privilege as he is one of the UK’s leading independent artists. I also quickly took to his ways of working and creating and I really like the way he works, choreographing in sections and valuing our own ideas very highly so the piece was as much our own as it was his. Gary also shared his inspiration for the piece with us, giving us context for the piece and something for us to think of whilst performing the work. I think the music choice came as a shock to most of us, when Gary chose a punk-rock track for us to dance to, however, I have really enjoyed dancing in this punk contemporary style. I have also enjoyed doing warm-up class with Keira for an hour each morning, it’s been wonderful and I looking forward to her pushing and helping me develop as a dancer. I have loved this first residency and I am so happy to be a part of SYYDC.

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Company dancer Div reflects on the companies first residency.

Creating Choreography Day 2

The South Yorkshire Youth Dance Company (SYYDC) residency so far has created a new exciting pathway for me as a dancer. I now feel like I am comfortable in dancing and trying out different styles of dance.

It’s been really difficult this week doing class in different contemporary style and learning choreography for a new dance piece, but I know that the more work I put in, the better I will get as a dancer. 

It has been the best opportunity for me this year and I am looking forward to making new friends in the company. Dancing and working with other people this week has allowed me to see different interpretations of dance. By watching my company peers, I can see how they move and give advice on movements or, use it as inspiration.

Creating Choreography Day 2